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Title: Influence of (0, 1)* Laguerre-Gaussian Field Distribution on Tunneling Ionization Rate
Authors: Miladinovic, Tatjana B.
Simic, Aleksandar
Danilović, Nebojša
Jeremic M.
Journal: Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics
Issue Date: 1-May-2021
Abstract: Abstract: In the frame of the ADK theory, the tunneling ionization of an argon atom exposed to the light from Ti:Sapphire laser is investigated. We assume that the laser field is the radially polarized beam with donut. (0, 1)* Laguerre-Gaussian field distribution. Considering that LG (0, 1)* modes can appear with random or uniform polarization (linear, circular or elliptical), we analyzed behavior of transition rate in all three types. We computed transition rate in basic case and in the case when the initial momentum of the ejected electron is included in the equation. Also, we analyzed influence of the modified initial ionization potential of ionized electron on transition rate. In the basic case, we got what we expected but with included effect we find appearance of two transition rate peaks at a certain point of the electron’s exit from the barrier.
Type: article
DOI: 10.1134/S1063776121050046
ISSN: 10637761
SCOPUS: 85111126925
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