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SBB VB 2022.pdf.jpg2022Agriculture and the economic significance of livestock production for the Republic of SerbiaBogosavljević-Bošković Snežana; Petrović, Milun; Rakonjac, Simeon; Dosković, Vladimir; Đoković, Radojica; Petrović, Miloš
Petricevic BAH 2023.pdf.jpg2023Assessment of egg and eggshell quality: insights from a three-year study on Isa Brown hybrid layersPetricevic, Veselin; Skrbic, Zdenka; Lukic, Milos; Rakonjac, Simeon; Dosković, Vladimir; Petricevic, Maja; Tolimir, Natasa
SBB ISAS 2012.pdf.jpg2012Broiler breeds and hybrids in non-industrial rearing systemBogosavljević-Bošković, Snežana; Rakonjac, Simeon; Dosković, Vladimir; Petrović, Milun
Bogosavljevic-Boškovic et al AFB 2010.pdf.jpg2010Broiler meat quality: Protein and lipids of muscle tissueBogosavljević-Bošković, Snežana; Pavlovski, Zlatica; Petrović, Milun; Dosković, Vladimir; Rakonjac, Simeon
SBB BG 2011 b.pdf.jpg2011Broiler meat quality: The effect of rearing system and length of fattening periodBogosavljević-Bošković, Snežana; Dosković, Vladimir; Mitrovic, Sreten; Rakonjac, Simeon; Petrović, Milun
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2012Broiler rearing systems: A review of major fattening results and meat quality traitsBogosavljević-Bošković Snežana; Rakonjac, Simeon; Dosković, Vladimir; Petrović, Milun
10.5897-AJB11.1153.pdf.jpg2011Carcass characteristics of two strains of native broilers (White Naked Neck and Black Svrljig) fattened under a semi-intensive systemMitrovic B.; Bogosavljević-Bošković, Snežana; Stanisic G.; Djermanovic V.; Dosković, Vladimir; Rakonjac, Simeon
SBB BG 2011 a.pdf.jpg2011Carcass composition and chemical characteristics of meat from broiler chickens reared under intensive and semiintensive systemsBogosavljević-Bošković, Snežana; Mitrovic, Sreten; Dosković, Vladimir; Rakonjac, Simeon; Kurćubić, Vladimir
11__AAS_266-18_Doskovic_et_al.pdf.jpg2018Carcass conformation of Master Gris broiler chickens as an indicator of carcass qualityDosković, Vladimir; Bogosavljević-Bošković, Snežana; Škrbić, Zdenka; Jašović, Boban; Rakonjac, Simeon; Petričević, Veselin; Petrović, Milun
RakonjacBAH 2016.pdf.jpg2016Chemical composition of meat of laying hens in alternative rearing systemsRakonjac, Simeon; Bogosavljević-Bošković, Snežana; Škrbić, Zdenka; Perić, Lidija; Dosković, Vladimir; Petričević, Veselin; Petrović, Milun
Petricevic SoB 2024.pdf.jpg2024Comparative analysis of production and slaughter parameters of fast-growing broiler hybridsPetričević, Veselin; Lukić, Miloš; Škrbić, Zdenka; Dosković, Vladimir; Rakonjac, Simeon; Petričević, Maja; Milenković, Danijel
Lazic AAS 2015.pdf.jpg2015Comparison of linear type traits of daughters of Simmental bullsLazic, Marko; Spasic, Zvonko; Grcak, Dragana; Ilic, Zoran; Milosevic, Božidar; Rakonjac, Simeon
Koprivica et al 2021 Agrosym.pdf.jpg2021Determination of external, internal and eggshell quality parametersKoprivica, Ranko; Rakonjac, Simeon; Veljkovic, Biljana; Radivojević, Dušan; Petrović, Milun; Petrović, Miloš; Mladenović, Jelena
Koprivica et al JPEA 2021.pdf.jpg2021Determination of hen eggshell stress by the puncture methodKoprivica, Ranko; Veljkovic, Biljana; Rakonjac, Simeon; Božić, Miloš; Vujičić, Vojislav; Radivojević, Dušan; Marković, Dušan; Đokić, Dragoslav
Koprivica et al. PT 2021.pdf.jpg2021Direct methods for determination of the egg shell strengthKoprivica, Ranko; Veljkovic, Biljana; Rakonjac, Simeon; Božić, Miloš; Vujičić, Vojislav; Radivojević, Dušan; Marković, Dušan; Topisirović, Goran
26-SoBT2023_Veljkovic B. et al.pdf.jpg2023ECONOMIC RESULTS OF BROILERS PRODUCTION ON THE FAMILY FARMVeljkovic, Biljana; Kostić, Milica; Rakonjac, Simeon; Koprivica, Ranko; Gavrilović, Marija; Petrović, Milun
Doskovic SB 2015.pdf.jpg2015Efekat dodavanja enzima proteaze na masu i udeo jestivih pratećih proizvoda klanja pilićaDosković, Vladimir; Bogosavljević-Bošković, Snežana; Pavlovski, Zlatica; Škrbić, Zdenka; Rakonjac, Simeon; Petričević, Veselin
269-274.pdf.jpg2021EFEKAT ENZIMA PROTEAZE NA PRINOS I UDEO JESTIVIH PRATEĆIH PROIZVODA KLANJA PILIĆA HIBRIDA MASTER GRISDosković, Vladimir; Bogosavljević-Bošković, Snežana; Škrbic, Zdenka; Lukic, Miloš; Rakonjac, Simeon; Petricevic, Veselin; Beukovic, Dejan
Doskovic SB 2010.pdf.jpg2010Efekat “Minazela“ kao dodatka hrani na ekonomičnost tova junadiDosković, Vladimir; Radović, Vera; Đoković, Radojica; Veljkovic, Biljana; Rakonjac, Simeon
Petricevic Acta 50.pdf.jpg2020The effect of a plant mixture (garlic, mint and rosemary) on production and slaughter indicators in broiler chickensPetričević, Veselin; Lukić, Miloš; Škrbić, Zdenka; Petričević, Maja; Bogosavljević-Bošković, Snežana; Dosković, Vladimir; Rakonjac, Simeon