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10.1515-SJECR-2015-0045.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2016Adenosarcoma mulleri associated with tamoxifen use after breast cancer therapy: A case reportArsenijevic, Nebojsa; Kastratović, Gordana; Zivanovic, Aleksandar; Djuric, Janko; Sorak, Marija
10.1515-sjecr-2017-0001.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2018Analysis of glycodelin levels before and after hysteroscopic polypectomy in infertile patientsSorak, Marija; Devic A.
10.32383-appdr-112786.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2020Antitumor effects of vanillin based chalcone analogs in vitroLukovic J.; Mitrovic M.; Popovic, Suzana; Milosavljevic Z.; Stanojević-Pirković M.; An-Elković M.; Zelen I.; Sorak, Marija; Muškinja, Jovana; Ratković, Zoran; Nikolic I.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg20-Jul-2011Breech presentation at term: Caesarean section or vaginal delivery?Djuric, Janko; Arsenijevic, Slobodan; Banković D.; Protrka, Zoran; Sorak, Marija; Dimitrijevic, Aleksandra; Zivanovic, Aleksandar
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2018Cervical breaking point; A phenomenon unveiled during continuous controllable balloon dilatationArsenijevic P.; Zivanovic, Aleksandar; Protrka, Zoran; Dimitrijevic, Aleksandra; Sorak, Marija; Vulovic, Tatjana; Vukcevic Globarevic G.; Vilendečić Z.; Andric B.; Arsenijevic, Slobodan
10.3855-jidc.10442.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2018Chlamydia trachomatis screening in resource-limited countries – Comparison of diagnostic accuracy of 3 different assaysTošić-Pajić J.; Sazdanovic, Predrag; Sorak, Marija; Cukić J.; Arsovic A.; Milovanovic, Dragan; Baskić D.
10.2478-SJECR-2018-0073.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2018Decline in female fertility after 40 yearsSorak, Marija; Sazdanovic, Predrag; Tulic L.; Garalejic E.; Arsic B.; Arsenijevic, Nebojsa
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg18-Jul-2012Dystocia as a cause of untimely cesarean sectionDjuric, Janko; Arsenijevic, Slobodan; Banković D.; Protrka, Zoran; Sorak, Marija; Dimitrijevic, Aleksandra; Tanaskovic, Irena
10.1515-SJECR-2015-0043.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2016Ovarian dysgerminomaDevic A.; Vasiljevic M.; Devic A.; Sorak, Marija
10.2298-SARH191026120D.pdf.jpg1-May-2020The effect of hysteroscopic polypectomy on the concentrations of tumour necrosis factor-α in uterine flushings and serum in infertile womenDevic A.; Vasiljevic M.; Sorak, Marija; Devic A.; Rudic Biljic-Erski I.; Zajic G.