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10.1515-pjvs-2017-0061.pdf.jpg2017Beta-hydroxybutyrate in milk as screening test for subclinical ketosis in dairy cowsJežek, Jožica; Cincovic M.; Nemec M.; Belic B.; Đoković, Radojica; Klinkon M.; Starić J.
pjvs.2021.136800.pdf.jpg2021Biological variations of hematologic and biochemical parameters in cows during early lactationKovačević, Vlado; Cincovic M.; Belic B.; Đokovic, Radojica; Lakić I.; Radinovic M.; Potkonjak, Aleksandar
10.22456-1679-9216.112574.pdf.jpg2021Blood Serum Stability Limit and Maximum Storage Time of Bovine SamplesKovačević D.; Cincovic M.; Belic B.; Đoković, Radojica; Majkić, Mira
10.2754-avb201786030231.pdf.jpg2017Effects of niacin supplementation on the insulin resistance in holstein cows during early lactationHristovska T.; Cincovic M.; Belic B.; Stojanovic D.; Jezdimirović M.; Đoković, Radojica; Toholj B.
10.15567-mljekarstvo.2014.0305.pdf.jpg2014Influence of blood serum selenium on udder health in dairy cowsDavidov I.; Cincovic M.; Belic B.; Vranješ A.; Pejanovic R.; Đoković, Radojica; Ristic Z.; Došenović M.
10.24099-vet.arhiv.160204.pdf.jpg2017Inorganic phosphorus decrease after intravenous glucose tolerance test is associated with insulin resistance in dairy cowsCincovic M.; Đoković, Radojica; Belic B.; Potkonjak, Aleksandar; Toholj B.; Stojanac, Nenad; STEVANČEVIĆ, OGNJEN; Starić J.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2022Ketosis in Dairy Cows during Early Lactation - Detection in Pooled Blood Serum SamplesStaničkov, Nenad; Cincovic M.; Djokovic, Radojica; Belic B.; Majkić, Mira; Marinković M.; Petrović, Miloš; Kovačević D.; Blond, Bojan
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2018Metabolic status of dairy cows grouped by anabolic and catabolic indicators of metabolic stress in early lactationBelic B.; Cincovic M.; Lakić I.; Đoković R.; Petrović, Milun; Ježek, Jožica; Starić J.
10.2754-avb201988020143.pdf.jpg2019Relationship between insulin, glucose, non-esterified fatty acid and indices of insuliresistance in obese cows during the dry period and early lactationMarinković M.; Belic B.; Cincovic M.; Đoković, Radojica; Lakić I.; Stojanac, Nenad; STEVANČEVIĆ, OGNJEN; Devečerski G.
10.1515-acve-2017-0006.pdf.jpg2017Relationship between the indexes of insulin resistance and metabolic status in dairy cows during early lactationCincovic M.; Kirovski D.; Vujanac I.; Belic B.; Đoković, Radojica
10.24099-vet.arhiv.0331.pdf.jpg2019Revised quantitative insulin sensitivity check index: Associations with the metabolic status of cows during early lactationCincovic M.; Belic B.; Djoković R.; Ježek, Jožica; Petrović, Milun; Božić A.; Anderson R.; Starić J.
10.3390-metabo12010019.pdf.jpg2022The correlation between extracellular heat shock protein 70 and lipid metabolism in a ruminant modelPetrović, Miloš; Cincovic M.; Starič, Jože; Đoković, Radojica; Belic B.; Radinovic M.; Majkić, Mira; Ilic Z.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2022The Influence of Energy Balance, Lipolysis and Ketogenesis on Metabolic Adaptation in Cows Milked Twice and Three Times DailyKrnjaić, Srđan; Cincovic M.; Djokovic, Radojica; Belic B.; Ježek, Jožica; Starić J.