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1820-86652001083S.pdf.jpg2020A giant exulcerated phyllodes breast tumor a case reportSpasic, Marko; Milosevic, Bojan; Mitrović, Slobodanka; Markovic, Nenad; Pavlovic, Mladen; Jevdjic, Jasna; Milisavljevic, Slobodan; Zornic, Nenad; Nedovic, Nikola; Jevtic, Milica; Kozomara, Zoran; Marković, Ivan; Ninkovic, Srdjan
10.2298-SARH160218015S.pdf.jpg2017A rare case of traumatic chylothorax after blunt thoracic traumaSpasic M.; Arsenijević, Momir; Dončić N.; Mrvić S.; Stojkovic D.; Milosevic, Bojan; Milisavljević D.
10.17305-bjbms.2011.2574.pdf.jpg2011Choledochal cyst- presentation of disease with a case reportCvetkovic, Aleksandar; Marković R.; Milosevic, Bojan
10.1515-SJECR-2016-0086.pdf.jpg2018Esophageal mobilization in the treatment of short esophagusCanovic D.; Milosevic, Bojan; Lazic, Dejan; Cvetkovic, Aleksandar; Spasic M.; Stojanovic B.; Mitrovic M.; Pavlovic, Mladen
10.2298-VSP151207097M.pdf.jpg2017Flail chest in a polytraumatized patient: Management and treatment - Case reportMilosevic, Bojan; Milisavljevic S.; Dončić N.; Arsenijević, Momir; Mrvić S.; Stojkovic D.; Marić N.; Spasic M.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2019Influence of individual surgeon volume on early postoperative outcomes after rectal cancer resectionAleksić Z.; Vulovic, Maja; Milosevic, Bojan; Cvetković, Aleksandar; Tomić D.; Trkulja N.; Simatovic M.; Stojkovic Andjelkovic, Andjelka; Ivosevic, Anita
10.2298-VSP160512237P.pdf.jpg2018Malignant fibrous histiocytoma of the right upper leg – A case reportPavlovic, Mladen; Milosevic, Bojan; Radovanovic D.; Cvetkovic, Aleksandar; Sredojević, Bratislav; Canovic D.; Mitrovic B.; Jovanovic M.; Spasic M.; Vulovič M.; Stojanovic B.; Jeremic, Dejan; Jevdjic, Jasna
10.2298-VSP190129046M.pdf.jpg2021Mammaglobin expression in tissue as a predictor of breast carcinoma aggressivenessMilosevic, Bojan; Cvetkovic, Aleksandar; Ninkovic, Srdjan; Marković, Snežana; Mitrovic, Slobodanka; Stojanovic, Bojan; Radunović, Aleksandar; Vulović, Maja; Cvetkovic, Danijela
0354-46641401233O.pdf.jpg2014MDCT: Angiography of anatomical variations of the celiac trunk and superior mesenteric arteryOgnjanovic, Neda; Jeremic, Dejan; Zivanovic-Macuzic, Ivana; Sazdanovic, Maja; Sazdanovic, Predrag; Tanaskovic, Irena; Jovanovic, Jelena; Radojevic-Popovic R.; Vojinovic R.; Milosevic, Bojan; Milosavljevic, Milos; Stojadinovic, Dobrivoje; Tosevski J.; Vulovic, Maja
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2022MUCOCELE OF THE APENDIX-A CASE REPORT AND REVIEW OF THE REFERENCESBoskovic, Miladin; Pavlovic, Mladen; Radovanovic, Dragce; Lazic, Dusica; Milosevic, Bojan; Stankovic, Milos; Cvetković, Aleksandar; Markovic, Nenad; Spasic, Marko; Radosavljevic, Ivan; Jovanovic M.
10.2298-VSP170321084V.pdf.jpg2019Multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) estimation of prevalence and anatomic characteristics of the sternal body foramen in the population of central serbiaVulovič M.; Zivanović-Macuzić I.; Jeremic, Dejan; Djonović, Nela; Radunovic A.; Jovanovic M.; Milosevic, Bojan; Aleksić Z.; Stanković I.; Vojinovic R.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2020Physical therapy improves motion in a patient with inclusion body myositis - A case reportStevanovic J.; Vulovic, Maja; Pavićević D.; Bezmarevic, Mihailo; Stojkovic Andjelkovic, Andjelka; Radunovic A.; Aksic M.; Milosevic, Bojan; Cvetković, Aleksandar; Jovanovic M.; Ivosevic, Anita
10.5937-mckg50-11448.pdf.jpg2016Predictive significance of myeloperoxidase for the occurrence of postoperative vascular complicationsVucinic B.; Radovanovic D.; Canovic D.; Spasic M.; Pavlovic, Mladen; Milosevic, Bojan; Dimic, Dusan; Mitrovic B.; Petkovic N.
0370-81791306384M.pdf.jpg2013Solid and cystic pseudopapillary tumor of the pancreas: A case reportMilosevic, Bojan; Marković, Rade; Cvetkovic, Aleksandar
10.2478-sjecr-2019-0064.pdf.jpg2022SYNCHRONOUS MANEC (MIXEDADENO-NEUROENDOCRINE CARCINOMA) OF THE COLON AND RENAL CELL CARCINOMA-CASE REPORTMilosevic, Bojan; Markovic, Nenad; Marković R.; Cvetkovic, Aleksandar; Stojanovic B.; Radovanovic D.; Pavlovic, Mladen; Vulovič M.; Stankovic, Vesna; Zivković J.; Cvetkovic, Danijela; Spasic M.
10.2298-VSP160419209Z.pdf.jpg2018The böhler’s angle in population of central Serbia – A radiological studyZivanović-Macuzić I.; Vulovič M.; Vojinovic R.; Jovanovic M.; Radunovic A.; Milev B.; Cvetkovic, Aleksandar; Stojiljković M.; Milosevic, Bojan; Ivosevic, Anita; Aksic M.; Simovic, Aleksandra; Jeremic, Dejan
10.1515-sjecr-2016-0078.pdf.jpg2019The collis procedure and the acquired short esophagusRadovanovic D.; Pavlovic, Mladen; Canovic D.; Lazic, Dejan; Cvetkovic, Aleksandar; Spasic M.; Stojanovic B.; Milosevic, Bojan
10.2298-VSP170313118C.pdf.jpg2019The concentration of matrix metalloproteinase 9 in the tumor and peritumoral tissue as a prognostic marker in the breast cancer patientsCvetkovic, Danijela; Milosevic, Bojan; Cvetkovic, Aleksandar; Ninkovic, Srdjan; jovankic, jovana; Jovanovic D.; Marković, Snežana
10.2298-SARH171020009J.pdf.jpg2019The impact of pain on functionality and health related quality of life in patients with knee osteoarthritisJurisic Skevin, Aleksandra; Grbovic, Vesna; Stanković I.; Radunovic A.; Nurkovic J.https; Milosevic, Bojan; Cvetkovic, Aleksandar; Divjak, Ana; Vulovič M.
10.5937-mckg50-11492.pdf.jpg2016The role of hyperhomocysteinemia in the development of postoperative vascular complicationsVucinic B.; Radovanovic D.; Canovic D.; Pavlovic, Mladen; Lazic, Dejan; Spasic M.; Milosevic, Bojan; Dimic, Dusan; Mitrovic B.