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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10.3390-met10020276.pdf.jpg2020A comprehensive study into the boltless connections of racking systemsVujanac, Rodoljub; Miloradović, Nenad; Vulovic, Snezana; Pavlović A.
8.pdf.jpg2009Analysis of tribological processes at timing belt's tooth flankStojanovic, Blaza; Miloradović, Nenad; Blagojevic, Mirko
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2018Analysis of wear properties of Zn-based composites using the Taguchi methodMiloradović, Nenad; Stojanovic, Blaza; Nikolic, Ruzica; Gubeljak N.
Demi 2021_Danijela Miloradovic.pdf.jpg2021Application of hybrid composites based on ZA27 alloy in automotive industryMiloradović, Danijela; Miloradović, Nenad; Glišović, Jasna; Stojanovic, Blaza; Vujanac, Rodoljub
05_NMiloradovic.pdf.jpg2009Application of planetary reduction gear in operation of the two rope grabMiloradović, Nenad; Stojanovic, Blaza; Ćatić, Dobrivoje
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2019APPLICATION OF TAGUCHI METHOD IN THE OPTIMIZATION OF ZINC BASED COMPOSITEMiloradović, Nenad; Stojanovic, Blaza; Mitrovic, Slobodan; Velickovic Sandra
0354-68292102081V.pdf.jpg2021Basis for the design of drive-in and drive-through rackingVujanac, Rodoljub; Miloradović, Nenad; Živković, Pavle; Petrović, Luka
CSL_csl-202303-0017.pdf.jpg2023Comparative Analysis of Hybrid Composites Based on A356 and ZA-27 Alloys regarding Their Tribological BehaviourStojanovic, Blaza; Gajević, Sandra; Miloradović, Nenad; Nikolic, Ruzica; Miladinovic, Slavica; Svoboda, Petr; Vencl, Aleksandar
10.5545-sv-jme.2010.077.pdf.jpg2011Criticality analysis of the elements of the light commercial vehicle steering tie-rod jointĆatić, Dobrivoje; Jeremic Branislav; Djordjevic, Zorica; Miloradović, Nenad
Miloradovic_Paper.pdf.jpg2021Determination of resistance to motion during operation of belt conveyorMiloradović, Nenad; Vujanac, Rodoljub; Miloradović, Danijela; Glišović, Jasna
B. Stojanovic 2009 MVM.pdf.jpg2009DEVELOPMENT OF TIMING BELT DRIVESStojanovic, Blaza; Miloradović, Nenad
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2021Dry sliding wear behaviour of ZA27/SiC/Gr hybrid composites with Taguchi optimizationMiloradović, Nenad; Vujanac, Rodoljub; Stojanovic, Blaza; Pavlović A.
10.3390-met9070717.pdf.jpg2019Dry sliding wear performance of ZA27/SiC/GraphitecompositesMiloradović N.; Vujanac R.; Mitrovic, Slobodan; Miloradović, Danijela
03_JBTA_Tanasijevic_2010.pdf.jpg2010ECO-TRIBOLOGICAL CORRECT DESIGN: NEW DEMANDS OF CONTEMPORARY DESIGNTanasijević, Slobodan; Stojanović, Blaza; Miloradović, Nenad
DN - KGH 2014.pdf.jpg2014ENERGY OPTIMIZATION OF SERBIAN BUILDINGS WITH PV PANELS AND DIFFERENT HEATING SYSTEMSNikolic, Danijela; Bojic, Milorad; Skerlic, Jasmina; Radulović, Jasna; Miloradović, Nenad
TRANS_MOTOAUTO_Paper_Jasna_Glisovic.pdf.jpg2021Fuel economy of off-road vehicles in respect to recuperation of vehicle’s kinetic energyGlišović, Jasna; Vasiljević, Saša; Miloradović, Nenad; Stojanovic, Nadica; Grujic, Ivan
machines-10-00046-v2.pdf.jpg2022Identification of Vehicle System Dynamics from the Aspect of Interaction between the Steering and the Suspension SystemsMiloradović, Danijela; Lukić, Jovanka; Glišović, Jasna; Miloradović, Nenad
Bultrib 12-148.pdf.jpg2012THE INFLUENCE OF LUBRICANT ON FRICTION COEFFICIENT OF HYBRID AL-SIC-GR COMPOSITESBabic, Miroslav; Stojanovic, Blaza; Mitrovic, Slobodan; Bobic, Ilija; Miloradović, Nenad; Pantić, Marko
B. Stojanovic 2010 IMK.pdf.jpg2010ISPITIVANJE ZUPČASTIH KAIŠNIH PRENOSNIKAStojanovic, Blaza; Ivanović, Lozica; Miloradović, Nenad
167-375-1-CE.pdf.jpg2011Length Variation of Toothed Belt during ExploitationStojanovic, Blaza; Miloradović, Nenad; Marjanovic, Nenad; Blagojevic, Mirko; Ivanović, Lozica