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Delić_2022_IOP_Conf._Ser. _Mater._Sci._Eng._1271_012015.pdf.jpg2022ANALYSIS OF THE IMPACT OF THE MACHINE ON THE FORGING PROCESS OF A CONNECTING ROD USING NUMERICAL SIMULATIONDelić, Marko; Mandic, Vesna; Pavlovic, Filip
497697_1_En_56_Chapter_Author.pdf.jpg2022Application of Techniques and Systems for Additive Manufacturing in Rapid ToolingPopović, Marko; Mandic, Vesna; Delić, Marko; Rackov, Milan; Mitrovic, Radivoje; Cavic, M.
ACTA-Rumun 2022-4-04.pdf.jpg2022Application of welding for the production of ballistic protective structuresLazic, Vukic; Arsić, Dušan; Aleksandrovic, Srbislav; Djordjevic, Milan; Делић, Марко
2017-M33-DEMI-Delic - Rad.pdf.jpg2017Calculation of stresses of gear made of composite materialsDelić, Marko; Đorđević, Zorica; Matejic, Milos; Jovanović, Saša
Design FMEA of hydraulic power-steering system of light commercial vehicles.pdf.jpg2014Design FMEA of hydraulic power-steering system of light commercial vehiclesĆatić, Dobrivoje; Glišović, Jasna; Velickovic Sandra; Blagojević, Jasmina; Delić, Marko
Catic_Paper_kompletan.pdf.jpg2015Determination of parameters of the Weibull distribution by applying the method of least squaresĆatić, Dobrivoje; Glišović, Jasna; Velickovic Sandra; Blagojevic, Jasmina; Delić, Marko
JMST_paper-preprint.pdf.jpg2023Determination of the influence of infill pattern and fiberglass reinforcement on the tensile properties of additively manufactured material by FDM technologyDelić, Marko; Mandic, Vesna; Aleksandrovic, Srbislav; Arsić, Dušan
ATM-2023-1-13-19.pdf.jpg2023Effect of plastic strain and specimen geometry on plastic strain ratio values for various materialsAleksandrovic, Srbislav; Ivković, Djordje; Arsić, Dušan; Делић, Марко; Đačić, Slaviša; Djordjevic, Milan
TV-20231115001106-F.pdf.jpg2024Experimental and Numerical Analyses of the Temperature Field in the Ironing ProcessMandic, Vesna; Adamovic, Dragan; Jurkovic, Zoran; Делић, Марко
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2021Experimental-Numerical Analysis of Hot Forging Process with Monitoring of Heat EffectsPopovic M.; Mandic, Vesna; Делић, Марко; Pavićević V.
FMECA of brake system’s elements of light commercial vehicles.pdf.jpg2014FMECA of brake system’s elements of light commercial vehiclesĆatić, Dobrivoje; Glišović, Jasna; Blagojević, Jasmina; Velickovic Sandra; Delić, Marko
ATM-2021-2-1-5.pdf.jpg2020Ironing process in conditions of constant and variable lateral forceDjačić S.; Aleksandrovic, Srbislav; Arsić, Dušan; Делић, Марко; Lazic, Vukic
SPMS 2021 - 269-277.pdf.jpg2021Određivanje eksponenta deformacionog ojačavanja za limove od različitih materijalaAleksandrovic, Srbislav; Bacanin, Radovan; Делић, Марко; Lazic, Vukic; Arsić, Dušan
MOTSP-tj_15_2021_2_298-304.pdf.jpg2021Stability Analysis of Steel Welded Tubes Forming Process Using Numerical SimulationsDelić, Marko; Mandic, Vesna; Popović, Marko