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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2015A fuzzy evaluation of projects for business processes’ quality improvementTadić, Danijela; Arsovski, Slavko; Aleksic, Aleksandar; Stefanovic, Miladin; Nestic, Snezana
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2015A model of the assessment and optimisation of production process quality using the fuzzy sets and genetic algorithm approachNestic, Snezana; Stefanovic, Miladin; Djordjevic, Aleksandar; Arsovski, Slavko; Tadić, Danijela
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2023A Systematic Classification of Key Performance Indicators in Human-Robot CollaborationCaiazzo C.; Nestic, Snezana; Savković, Marija
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2015An assessment of distance learning laboratory objectives for control engineering educationStefanovic, Miladin; Tadić, Danijela; Nestic, Snezana; Djordjevic, Aleksandar
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2017An assessment of maintenance performance indicators using the fuzzy sets approach and genetic algorithmsStefanovic, Miladin; Nestic, Snezana; Djordjevic, Aleksandar; Djurovic D.; Macuzic, Ivan; Tadić, Danijela; Gacic, Marija
IETITERPV3I243-57.pdf.jpg2019Analysis of performance and key performance indicators in the lean companiesSavković, Marija; Nestic, Snezana; Komatina, Nikola; Mijović N.
10. QoL - SNestic.pdf.jpg2018Analysis of the key performance indicators in Serbian higher education institutions and proposal of their weightsAleksić, Aleksandar; Nestic, Snezana; Stefanovic, Miladin
10.24867-IJIEM-2019-3-241.pdf.jpg2019Analysis of the performance measurement models according to the requirements of the procurement business processKomatina, Nikola; Nestic, Snezana; Aleksic, Aleksandar
mathematics-11-03075.pdf.jpg2023Analysis of the Relationship between the Organizational Resilience Factors and Key Performance Indicators’ Recovery Time in Uncertain Environments in Industrial EnterprisesHuber, Michael; Komatina, Nikola; Paunovic, Vladan; Nestic, Snezana
9.pdf.jpg2013AN ASSESSMENT AND OPTIMIZATION OF QUALITY OF STRATEGY PROCESSNestic, Snezana; Stefanovic, Miladin; Djordjevic, Aleksandar; Arsovski, Slavko; Stojanovic, Svetlana
4.pdf.jpg2012CASE OF SUCCESSFUL IMPLEMENTATION OF MOODLE LMS IN ENGINERING EDUCATIONStefanovic, Miladin; Nestic, Snezana; Aleksic, Aleksandar; Djordjevic, Aleksandar
SJEM M53.pdf.jpg2021Circular economy management in business organizations using digital technologiesPavlović, Angelina; Nestic, Snezana; Bošković, Goran
SIE 2022 SNestic.pdf.jpg2022Combining MOORA and Delphi under intuitive environmentTadić, Danijela; Nestic, Snezana; Petrović, Tijana
SavkovicKomatinaNesticGojkovic.pdf.jpg2022Comparative analysis competencies in traditional and agile project management approachesSavković, Marija; Komatina, Nikola; Nestic, Snezana; Gojković, Ranka
COMETa 2020.pdf.jpg2020Contemporary education issues – Leadership in Engineering ManagementMijović N.; Komatina, Nikola; Nestic, Snezana; Runić Ristić, Marija; Aleksić, Aleksandar
RSD_2_20 M51.pdf.jpg2020Determination of circularity indicators: A case study of MB International CompanyPavlović, Angelina; Bošković, Goran; Jovicic, Nebojsa; Nestic, Snezana; Sliusar, Natalia; Stanisavljević, Nemanja
AleksiNestiTadiKomatina.pdf.jpg2022Determination of organizational resilience level within business processes in production companiesAleksić, Aleksandar; Nestic, Snezana; Tadić, Danijela; Komatina, Nikola
13. QoL - SNestic.pdf.jpg2018Educating students from WBC to improve entrepreneurial competenciesGojković, Ranka; Nestic, Snezana; Moljević, Slaviša; Đorđević, Aleksandra; Aleksić, Aleksandar
1450-863X2201057N.pdf.jpg2022Enhancing production and sale based on mathematical statistics and the genetic algorithmNestic, Snezana; Aleksic, Aleksandar; Gil, Lafuente; Ljepava, Nikolina
10.5937-SJM16-27672.pdf.jpg2021EVALUATION AND RANKING OF INSURANCE COMPANIES BY COMBINING TOPSIS AND THE INTERVAL FUZZY ROUGH SETSMimović, Predrag; Tadić, Danijela; Borota-Tisma A.; Nestic, Snezana; Lafuente J.