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PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2023Fatigue response of additively manufactured as-built 15-5 PH stainless steel and effects of machining and thermal and surface treatmentsCroccolo, Dario; Bogojevic, Nebojsa; De Agostinis, Massimiliano; Fini, Stefano; Olmi, G.; Robusto, Francesco; Šoškić, Zlatan; Ciric-Kostic, Snezana
10.1111-ffe.13611.pdf.jpg2021Fatigue response of additively manufactured Maraging Stainless Steel CX and effects of heat treatment and surface finishingCiric-Kostic, Snezana; Croccolo, Dario; De Agostinis, Massimiliano; Fini, Stefano; Olmi G.; Paiardini L.; Robusto, Francesco; Šoškić, Zlatan; Bogojevic, Nebojsa
04_2017_HM_D37_Soskic.pdf.jpg2017A Heuristic Approach to the Estimation of the Mass of the Waste Powder During Selective Laser Sintering of Polyamide PA2200, Proceedings of IX International Conference “Heavy Machinery-HM 2017"Šoškić, Zlatan; Montanari, Simona; Monti, Gian Luca; Monti, Michele
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2013Influence of heavy data transmission losses on spectra of signalsŠoškić, Zlatan; Tomić, Jelena; Bogojevic, Nebojsa; Ciric-Kostic, Snezana
2021_HM -  Sinđelić V. et al..pdf.jpg2021The influence of spatial aliasing to experimental determination of dispersion relationship of flexural waves in beams by correlation methodSinđelić, Vladimir; Ciric-Kostic, Snezana; Radičević, Branko; Šoškić, Zlatan; Savković, Mile
2013_SPMS - Topalov I. et al..pdf.jpg2013Noise mapping in area of an urban overpassTopalov, Ivaylo; Radičević, Branko; Tatić, Bojan; Šoškić, Zlatan
2011_HM - Petrović Z. et al..pdf.jpg2011Noise Protected BuildingsPetrović, Zoran; Radičević, Branko; Šoškić, Zlatan; Prascevic, Momir; Nedić, Novak
2011_MTC - Kolarević M. et al..pdf.jpg2011Noise protection in urban environment - description of a projectKolarevic, Milan; Šoškić, Zlatan; Petrović, Zoran; Radičević, Branko
2015_AMM - Radičević B. et al..pdf.jpg2015Noise Protection of an Automobile Scrapyard with Car Crushers - A Case StudyRadičević, Branko; Kolarevic, Milan; Bjelić, Mišo; Grković, Vladan; Šoškić, Zlatan
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2012On the applicability of the effective medium approximation to the photoacoustic response of multilayered structuresPopovic A.; Šoškić, Zlatan; Stojanovic, Zoran; Cevizovic, Dalibor; Galovic, Slobodanka
10.2298-HEMIND120302052N.pdf.jpg2013Photoacoustic response of thin films - thermal memory influenceNesic, Maja; Popović, Marica ; Stojanovic, Zoran; Šoškić, Zlatan; Galovic, Slobodanka
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2012Photothermal thermoelastic bending for media with thermal memoryNesic, Mioljub; Galovic, Slobodanka; Šoškić, Zlatan; Popović, Marica; Jakovcev-Todorovic D.
17_2019_JMESC_MJF_Soskic.pdf.jpg2019Production cost model of the multi-jet-fusion technologyŠoškić, Zlatan; Monti, Gian Luca; Montanari, Simona; Monti, Michele; Cardu, Marco
2022_N&V - Sinđelić V. et al..pdf.jpg2022Spatial aliasing and false detection of standing waves in experimental determination of dispersion relationship by correlation methodSinđelić, V.; Ciric-Kostic, Snezana; Radičević, Branko; Šoškić, Zlatan; Cvetković, Dragan; Marinca, Vasile; Herisanu, Nicolae; Praščević, Momir; Mihajlov, Darko
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2014Theory of photoacoustic effect in media with thermal memoryGalovic, Slobodanka; Šoškić, Zlatan; Popović, Marica; Cevizovic, Dalibor; Stojanovic, Zoran
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2012Thermal memory influence on the thermoconducting component of indirect photoacoustic responseNesic, Mioljub; Gusavac P.; Popović, Marica; Šoškić, Zlatan; Galovic, Slobodanka