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dc.contributor.authorStevanović, Dragana-
dc.contributor.authorPejović, Anka-
dc.contributor.authorDamljanović, Ivan-
dc.contributor.authorVukićević, Miomir-
dc.contributor.authorDobrikov, Georgi-
dc.contributor.authorDimitrov, Vladimir-
dc.contributor.authorDenić M.-
dc.contributor.authorRadulovic, Niko-
dc.contributor.authorVukicevic R.-
dc.description.abstractTwo variants of a new pathway for the synthesis of (±)-curcumene ether are described. The key steps in these procedures are intramolecular cyclizations of 6-methyl-2-(4-methylphenyl)hept-6-en-2-ol and 2-methyl-6-(4-methylphenyl)hept-6-en-2-ol by means of an electrochemically generated phenylselenyl cation. This synthetic approach provides significantly better yields than the previously reported protocols. Copyright © 2013 Verlag Helvetica Chimica Acta AG, Zürich.-
dc.relation.ispartofHelvetica Chimica Acta-
dc.titleElectrochemical phenylselenoetherification as a key step in the synthesis of (±)-curcumene ether-
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