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dc.contributor.authorSavovic, Svetislav-
dc.contributor.authorSimović, Ana-
dc.contributor.authorDJORDJEVICH, Alexandar-
dc.description.abstractUsing the power flow equation, we have calculated spatial transients of power distribution and a steady-state distribution that are due to coupling of guided to leaky modes in W-type optical fibers (doubly clad fibers). A numerical solution has been obtained by the explicit finite difference method. Results show that power distribution in W-type optical fibers depends on both the intermediate layer width and the coupling strength. W-shaped index profile of optical fibers is effective in reducing modal dispersion and therefore in improving the fiber bandwidth. We have also shown that explicit finite difference method is effective and accurate for solving the power flow equation in W-type optical fibers. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.-
dc.relation.ispartofOptics and Laser Technology-
dc.titleExplicit finite difference solution of the power flow equation in W-type optical fibers-
dc.typejournal article-
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