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dc.contributor.authorMatić, Miloš-
dc.contributor.authorPaunović, Milica-
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dc.description.abstract© 2019, © 2019 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group. Acetaminophen is widely used as an over-the-counter analgesic and antipyretic drug. The aim of the present study was to investigate the pro-oxidative effects of acetaminophen (300 mg/kg/day i.p.) and antioxidative effects of β-glucan (4 mg/kg/day i.p.) and/or vitamin C (100 mg/kg/day i.p.) on the blood parameters of treated rats. After 3 days of treatment, hematological and parameters of redox status were measured. Exposure of rats to acetaminophen caused significant changes in some hematological parameters and the glutathione redox cycle, leading to an increased concentration of oxidative stress parameters and the formation of lipid peroxidation, while the activities of antioxidant enzymes were decreased. Administration of β-glucan and/or vitamin C reduced lipid peroxidation and restored the levels of examined hematological and oxidative stress parameters and improved the activities of antioxidant enzymes. Obtained results demonstrated that acetaminophen has significant pro-oxidative effects and may disrupt redox balance in blood of rats, while the combination of β-glucan and/or vitamin C amplified the antioxidant defense potential and exhibited a strong hematoprotective activity against acetaminophen-induced toxicity. Therefore, β-glucan and vitamin C co-treatment may be a promising therapeutic option for the treatment of acute acetaminophen hematotoxicity.-
dc.sourceDrug and Chemical Toxicology-
dc.titleHematoprotective effects and antioxidant properties of β-glucan and vitamin C against acetaminophen-induced toxicity: an experimental study in rats-
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