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Title: Web physics ontology: Online interactive symbolic computation in physics
Authors: Cvjetković, Vladimir
Journal: Proceedings of 2017 4th Experiment at International Conference: Online Experimentation, 2017
Issue Date: 18-Jul-2017
Abstract: © 2017 IEEE. Relationships among physical quantities (PQs) express fundamental laws of the Universe. Physics equations represent relationships among PQs and therefore encode the basic knowledge of physics. System of PQs is the natural framework of physics and can be used as a guideline for informational modelling of various scientific aspects of physics. Relationships among PQs can be used for creation of semantic web ontologies that model the knowledge of physics. Leading semantic web ontologies in physics today are based on system of units which directly relies on system of PQs. This paper describes interactive online web application based on symbolic computational ontology (SCO) that models knowledge of physics and which is based on system of PQs primarily, not units. Main SCO design principles can also be applied to other existing physics ontologies and for ontologies in other sciences using formulas. Interactive SCO based web application (SCO-BWA) illustrates dynamic generation of physics equations and numerical calculations.
Type: Conference Paper
DOI: 10.1109/EXPAT.2017.7984405
SCOPUS: 85027861456
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