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dc.contributor.authorMurić B.-
dc.contributor.authorTurjacanin-Pantelic D.-
dc.contributor.authorVasiljevic, Dragan-
dc.contributor.authorZarkov B.-
dc.contributor.authorJelenković B.-
dc.contributor.authorPantović M.-
dc.contributor.authorRosic, Mirko-
dc.description.abstractWe have found that gelatin doped with tot'hema (medication used for curing anemia) and eosin becomes elastic, while retaining good optical properties. The mechanical properties of tot'hema-eosin-sensitized gelatin films (TESG) have been investigated for various concentrations of tot'hema (ranging from 5 to 30% v/v). TESG specimens were prepared according to the ASTM standards for elastic materials. Tensile strength, strain at break and Young's modulus were measured. The results show that the extensibility of TESG film increases with increasing tot'hema concentration, while the Young's modulus and stress at break exponentially decrease. Mechanical properties can be tailored to suit various biomedical applications such as blood vessels, human lens capsules and biosensors based on microlenses. Tunable (strain responsive) TESG microlenses were produced and a mechanical model of blood vessels was prepared. © 2013 The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.-
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dc.titleSensitized gelatin as a versatile biomaterial with tailored mechanical and optical properties-
dc.typeConference Paper-
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