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dc.contributor.authorPopović Z.-
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dc.description.abstractIntroduction/Objective Aggressive periodontitis (AP) is a progressive disease that damages the periodontal tissues. The aim of the study was the analysis of intracellular enzymes: aspartate aminotransferase (AST), alanine aminotransferase (ALT), alkaline phosphatase (ALP), acid phosphatase (ACP) and electrolytes in the saliva of patients with AP and their correlation with clinical parameters before and after the therapy. Methods The study included 30 patients with AP (experimental group) and 35 patients with healthy parodontium (control group). Intracellular enzymes and electrolytes were analyzed in an unstimulated saliva of subjects with AP, before and after the therapy and in saliva of the control group. The analysis of biochemical markers was carried out using kinetic methods with commercial reagents. Results Concentrations of the biochemical markers AST (28.18 ± 25.16), ALT (5.48 ± 5.14), ALP (31.13 ± 37.79), ACP (17.53 ± 14.77), calcium (2.80 ± 1.97), phosphate (4.43 ± 1.92) in the saliva of subjects of the experimental group were statistically significantly higher in relation to the control group (p = 0.000; p = 0.001). Significant correlation was found between AST values, debris index (ρ =-0.444; p = 0.026) and calculus index (ρ =-0.513; p = 0.009), and between the plaque index and ALP level in the saliva after therapy (p = 0.020). Conclusion The investigation will contribute to a better understanding and standardization of biomarkers in the saliva that mayhelp in diagnosing the AP and evaluation of the applied therapy.-
dc.sourceSrpski Arhiv za Celokupno Lekarstvo-
dc.titleAnalysis of biochemical markers in the saliva and correlation with clinical parameters in patients with aggressive periodontitis, before and after the therapy-
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