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Title: New Electronic Interface Circuits for Humidity Measurement Based on the Current Processing Technique
Authors: Petrovic, Predrag
Nikolic, Maria
Tatovic M.
Journal: Measurement Science Review
Issue Date: 1-Feb-2021
Abstract: The paper describes a new electronic conditioning circuit based on the current-processing technique for accurate and reliable humidity measurement, without post-processing requirements. Pseudobrookite nanocrystalline (Fe2TiO5) thick film was used as capacitive humidity transducer in the proposed design. The interface integrated circuit was realized in TSMC 0.18 μmCMOS technology, but commercial devices were used for practical realization. The sensing principle of the sensor was obtained by converting the information on environment humidity into a frequency variable square-wave electric current signal. The proposed solution features high linearity, insensitivity to temperature, as well as low power consumption. The sensor has a linear function with relative humidity in the range of Relative Humidity (RH) 30-90 %, error below 1.5 %, and sensitivity 8.3 x 1014 Hz/F evaluated over the full range of changes. A fast recovery without the needof any refreshing methods was observed with a change in RH. The total power dissipation of readout circuitry was 1 mW.
Type: Article
DOI: 10.2478/msr-2021-0001
SCOPUS: 85104297913
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