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Title: Političko besedništvo Zorana Đinđića - princip utopije i logika nade
Authors: Đorđević, Marko
Stanojević, Dobrivoje Ž.
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Modern political oratory in Serbia during the re-established multiparty system (the nineties of the twenty century) is one of the most important means of political struggle, a way of placing political ideas, but also the manipulation of the public. At the same time, it is a special genre of speech because the formal-aesthetic dimension of shaping political messages can be viewed as a functional tool for the formation and spreading of political ideas. This paper explores Zoran Đinđić’s political oratory, who by his public actions advocated elucidating the complex political and state issues. By applying a comparative stylistic and rhetorical analysis of individual political words, we have singled out their common features and described in more detail the specifics rhetorical procedure that are characteristic of this speaker. His rhetoric is observed within the democratic paradigm of political rhetoric, which from 1990 to 2000 appears as a counterbalance to the dominant, authoritarian communication paradigm of political communication
Type: article
ISSN: 0353-7919
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