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dc.description.abstract© 2019 Elsevier Ltd The reactions between equimolar amounts of CuX2 (X = NO3− and CF3SO3−) and two aromatic nitrogen-containing heterocycles differing in the position of nitrogen atoms, 1,7- and 4,7-phenanthroline (1,7- and 4,7-phen), were performed in ethanol/methanol at room temperature. When CuX2 salts were mixed with 4,7-phen, two copper(II) complexes, [Cu(NO3)2(4,7-Hphen)2](NO3)2 (1) and [Cu(CF3SO3)(4,7-phen)2(H2O)2]CF3SO3 (2), were formed. On the other hand, in the reaction of CuX2 salts with 1,7-phen, only 1,7-HphenNO3 (3a/b) and 1,7-HphenCF3SO3 (4) were obtained as the final products. The obtained products 1–4 were characterized by spectroscopic and X-ray diffraction techniques. In the copper(II) complexes 1 and 2, the coordination geometry around the Cu(II) ion is distorted octahedral and square pyramidal, respectively. The antimicrobial potential of the copper(II) complexes 1 and 2 and corresponding compounds used for their synthesis were assessed against four different bacterial species and Candida albicans, displaying moderate growth inhibiting activity. The cytotoxic properties of the investigated complexes were also evaluated against the normal human lung fibroblast cell line (MRC-5) indicating moderate, yet more pronounced cytotoxicity than antimicrobial properties.-
dc.titleDifferent coordination abilities of 1,7- and 4,7-phenanthroline in the reactions with copper(II) salts: Structural characterization and biological evaluation of the reaction products-
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