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dc.contributor.authorStojanovic, Jelica-
dc.contributor.authorJakovljevic, Violeta-
dc.contributor.authorMatović, Ivana-
dc.contributor.authorGajovic, Olgica-
dc.contributor.authorMijušković Z.-
dc.contributor.authorNedeljkovic M.-
dc.description.abstractThe paper presents the results of the influence of anionic-type detergent containing sodium tripolyphosphate and ethoxylated oleylcetyl alcohol on the type and quantity of present amino acids in the fermentation broths of the fungi Aspergillus niger, Alternaria tenuis and Fusarium oxysporum cultivated on a medium with the addition of 1% detergent as a function of their application in the process of detergent biodegradation. In the case of A.niger the stimulation of the biosynthesis of 15 various amino acids was determined. In the case of A.tenuis the production of 14 amino acids was inhibited as compared to the total number of 15 amino acids identified when the fungi were cultivated in the absence of detergent, whereby the explicit inhibition of the synthesis of methionine, isoleucine and leucine was registered. Detergent (1% concentration) exhibits a stimulating effect on the bioproduction of amino acids in the case of the fungus F.oxysporum when the presence of 14 amino acids was identified.-
dc.sourceActa Veterinaria-
dc.titleAnalysis of the amino acids of some types of fungi cultivated in the presence of detergent-
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