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Savković Marija

 1. Savković Marija, Aleksic Aleksandar, Tadic Danijela, Komatina Nikola, Cvetic Tijana, THE ANALYSIS OF THE IMPACT OF RECYCLING EQUIPMENT IN THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY IN TERMS OF CIRCULAR ECONOMY, null, 10.24874/PES01.02.079 (ISSN 2620-2832)

 2. Savković Marija, Nestic Snezana, Komatina Nikola, Mijović N., Analysis of performance and key performance indicators in the lean companies, null, 10.6723/TERP.201912_3(2).0004 (ISSN 2616-1699) IETITERPV3I243-57.pdf

 3. Cvetic Tijana, Savković Marija, Aleksic Aleksandar, Kostić Sonja, MARKET ANALYSIS IN THE REPUBLICS OF SERBIA FROM THE ASPECT OF THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY IN THE ELV DOMAIN, null, 10.24874/PES01.02.091 (ISSN 2620-2832)

 4. Savković Marija, Djapan Marko, Macuzic Ivan, Todorovic Petar, Radenkovic M., Vukicevic Arso, Mijović N., BARRIERS, CHALLEGNES AND OPPORTUNITIES TO IMPROVE OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT IN SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES IN SERBIA: CASE STUDY APPROACH, null, 10.24874/PES01.02.034 (ISSN 2620-2832)

 5. Djapan Marko, Vukicevic Arso, Macuzic Ivan, Todorovic Petar, Mijović N., Savković Marija, SAFETY 4.0: MODERN TALKING OR NECESSITY, null, 10.24874/PES01.02.031 (ISSN 2620-2832)

 6. Jovicic Nebojsa, Boskovic Goran, Jovicic Nebojsa, Savković Marija, Macuzic Ivan, Stefanovic Miladin, Klochkov Yury, Assessment of the Fragility of the Municipal Waste Sector in Serbia Using System Dynamics Modelling, null, 10.3390/su14020862 10.3390-su14020862.pdf

 7. Savković Marija, Caiazzo C., Djapan Marko, Vukicevic Arso, Pušica M., Macuzic Ivan, Development of Modular and Adaptive Laboratory Set-Up for Neuroergonomic and Human-Robot Interaction Research, null, 10.3389/fnbot.2022.863637 (ISSN 1662-5218) Development_of_Modular_and_Adaptive_Laboratory_Set.pdf

 8. Vukicevic Arso, Đapan Marko, Isailovic Velibor, Milašinović Danko, Savković Marija, Milošević Pavle, Generic compliance of industrial PPE by using deep learning techniques, null, 10.1016/j.ssci.2021.105646 (ISSN 0925-7535) 1-s2.0-S0925753521004860-main.pdf

 9. Petrovic M., Vukicevic Arso, Djapan Marko, Peulic Aleksandar, Jovicic M., Mijailovic Nikola, Milovanovic Petar, Grajic Mirko, Savković Marija, Caiazzo C., Isailovic Velibor, Macuzic Ivan, Jovanovic Kosta, Experimental Analysis of Handcart Pushing and Pulling Safety in an Industrial Environment by Using IoT Force and EMG Sensors: Relationship with Operators’ Psychological Status and Pain Syndromes, null, 10.3390/s22197467 (ISSN 1424-8220)

 10. Isailovic Velibor, Peulic Aleksandar, Djapan Marko, Savković Marija, Vukicevic Arso, The compliance of head-mounted industrial PPE by using deep learning object detectors, null, 10.1038/s41598-022-20282-9 (ISSN -)

 11. Jovičić Aleksandra, Savković Marija, Stefanovic Miladin, Macuzic Ivan, Nikolić Nastasija, THE IMPACT OF HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL SYSTEM INTEGRATION ON QUALITY 4.0, null, 10.61552/JIBI.2023.04.003 (ISSN 3009-3929) jibi 1 4 3.pdf

 1. Savković Marija, Dasic Marica, Djapan Marko, Vukicevic Arso, Macuzic Ivan, Stefanovic Miladin, Improving workplace safety using advanced industry 4.0 technologies, null IIZS2021Proceedings.pdf

 2. Savković Marija, Jovicic Milos, Vukicevic Arso, Macuzic Ivan, Todorovic Petar, Research on the possibility of improving the safety and health and effectiveness of workers who perform manual work activities using exoskeletons, null ZBORNIK-ETIKUM-2021 - online-246-249-2-5.pdf

 3. Isailovic Velibor, Djapan Marko, Savković Marija, Jovicic Nebojsa, Milovanović Miloš, Minović Miroslav, Milošević P., Vukicevic Arso, Compliance of head-mounted personal protective equipment by using YOLOv5 object detector, null, 10.1109/ICECET52533.2021.9698662 (ISSN -)

 4. Savković Marija, Komatina Nikola, Caiazzo C., Djapan Marko, Improving the quality of final product by Poka-Yoke system on assembly workstation: A case study, null SIE2022162-165.pdf

 5. Savković Marija, Mijailovic Nikola, Caiazzo Carlo, Djapan Marko, Vukicevic Arso, ADVANCED PHYSICAL ERGONOMICS AND NEUROERGONOMICS RESEARCH ON AN ASSEMBLY WORKSTATION, null OESEM2022ConferenceProceedings-351-357-2-8.pdf

 6. Caiazzo C. Carlo, Djordjevic Aleksandar, Savković Marija, Djapan Marko, Vukicevic Arso, Architecture of Human-Robot Collaboration in Manufacturing Industries, null OESEM_2022_paper_CarloCaiazzo_finalversion.pdf

 7. Savković Marija, Komatina Nikola, Nestic Snezana, Gojković Ranka, Comparative analysis competencies in traditional and agile project management approaches, null SavkovicKomatinaNesticGojkovic.pdf

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 9. Caiazzo C., Nestic Snezana, Savković Marija, A Systematic Classification of Key Performance Indicators in Human-Robot Collaboration, null, 10.1007/978-3-031-18645-5_30 (ISSN 2367-3370)

 10. Jovičić Aleksandra, Savković Marija, Stefanovic Miladin, Macuzic Ivan, Nikolić Nastasija, THE IMPACT OF HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL SYSTEMS INTEGRATION ON QUALITY 4.0, null 13.pdf

 11. Milojević Djordje, Macuzic Ivan, Djordjevic Aleksandar, Savković Marija, Djapan Marko, COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF SOFTWARE TOOLS FOR AGILE PROJECT MANAGEMENT, null 62.pdf