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Trišović Tomislav

 1. Gvozdenović M., Jugovic Branimir, Stevanovic J., Grgur Branimir, Trišović Tomislav, Knezevic Jugovic Zorica, Electrochemical synthesis and corrosion behavior of polyaniline-benzoate coating on copper, null, 10.1016/j.synthmet.2011.04.029 (ISSN 0379-6779)

 2. Spasojevic M., Trišović Tomislav, Ribić-Zelenović L., Spasojević P., Development of RuO2/TiO2 titanium anodes and a device for in situ active chlorine generation, null, 10.2298/HEMIND120414076S (ISSN 0367-598X) 10.2298-HEMIND120414076S.pdf

 3. Trišović Tomislav, Spasojević M., Gvozdenović M., Jugovic Branimir, Rafailović L., Automatic devices for electrochemical water treatment with cooling of electrolyte, null, 10.2298/HEMIND140822026T (ISSN 0367-598X) 10.2298-HEMIND140822026T.pdf

 4. Spasojevic M., Markovic D., Trišović Tomislav, Spasojevic M., Mathematical model of the catalytic effect of chromium(VI) on hypochlorite disproportionation in chlorate electrolysis, null, 10.1149/2.0291802jes (ISSN 0013-4651) 10.1149-2.0291802jes.pdf

 5. Miroslav B., Ribić-Zelenović L., Spasojević M., Trišović Tomislav, The Mixture of Nanoparticles of RuO2 and Pt Supported on Ti as an Efficient Catalyst for Direct Formic Acid Fuel Cell, null, 10.1134/S1023193519120164 (ISSN 1023-1935) 10.1134-S1023193519120164.pdf

 6. Spasojevic M., Ribić-Zelenović L., Spasojevic M., Trišović Tomislav, The effect of the composition of the alloy of ruo2 and pt nanocrystals on intermediate adsorption during methanol oxidation, null, 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.5.08 (ISSN 0035-3930) 10.33224-rrch.2020.65.5.08.pdf

 7. Spasojevic M., Randjić Siniša, Maricic Aleksa, Trišović Tomislav, Spasojevic M., Morphological, microstructural and magnetic characteristics of electrodeposited Ni-Fe-W-Cu alloy powders, null, 10.2298/SOS2001109S (ISSN 0350-820X) 10.2298-SOS2001109S.pdf

 1. Trišović Tomislav, Rafailović Lidija, Li Wei, Grgur Branimir, Trišović Zaga, SISTEM ZA PREČIŠĆAVANJE PIJAĆE VODE SA POVEĆANOM TVRDOĆOM I KONCENTRACIJOM AMONIJAKA, GVOŽĐA, MANGANA , null, 10.46793/SBT26.377T 377-385.pdf

 2. Trišović Tomislav, Grgur Branimir, Trišović Zaga, MOBILE DEVICE FOR WATER PURIFICATION WITH BOILER, null, XXVIII savetovanje o biotehnologiji sa međunarodnim učešćem, 10.46793/SBT28.465T 58-SoBT2023_Trišović et al.pdf

 3. Trišović Tomislav, Grgur Branimir, Milojević Svetomir, Trišović Zaga, MOBILE DEVICE FOR CHEMICAL CLEANING OF HEAT EXCHANGERS, null, XXVIII savetovanje o biotehnologiji sa međunarodnim učešćem, 10.46793/SBT28.457T 57-SoBT2023_Trišović et al.pdf

 4. Trišović Tomislav, Trišović Ana, Rafailović Lidija, Grgur Branimir, Trišović Zaga, AUTOMATIC CONTROL AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: DEVICE FOR CONTINUOUS CHLORINE RESIDUAL MEASUREMENT, null, 2nd INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON BIOTECHNOLOGY, 10.46793/SBT29.55TT 55-Tomislav_Trisovic.pdf