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Title: Intergranular area microalloyed aluminium-silicate ceramics fractal analysis
Authors: Purenovic, Jelena
Mitić V.
Kocić L.
Pavlović, Vladimir
Randjelovic M.
Purenovic M.
Journal: Science of Sintering
Issue Date: 17-May-2013
Abstract: Porous aluminium-silicate ceramics, modified by alloying with magnesium and microalloying with alluminium belongs to a group of advanced multifunctional ceramics materials. This multiphase solid-solid system has predominantly amorphous microstructure and micro morphology. Intergranular and interphase areas are very complex, because they represent areas, where numbered processes and interactions take place, making new boundaries and regions with fractal nature. Fractal analysis of intergranular microstructure has included determination of ceramic grain fractal dimension by using Richardson method. Considering the fractal nature of intergranular contacts, it is possible to establish correlation between material electrical properties and fractal analysis, as a tool for future correlation with microstructure characterization.
Type: journal article
DOI: 10.2298/SOS1301117P
ISSN: 0350820X
SCOPUS: 84877722682
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