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dc.contributor.authorIvanović, Lozica-
dc.contributor.authorJosifović, Danica-
dc.contributor.authorIlić, Andreja-
dc.description.abstract© Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht 2013. In this paper, generating and analyzing of meshing of the gear pair profiles with internal trochoidal gearing is considered. Firstly, parameter and vector equations of the conjugated tooth profiles are defined. The forces and torques which are acting on the gear pair of the gerotor pump are also considered in this paper. The problem of the contact forces determination is complex because the pumps with trochoidal gearing loading are transmitting simultaneous at the more contact points. The fluid pressure forces which are acting on the tooth gear flanks, and which are depended of the numerous influential parameters are also given. From this reason, one simply physical model and corresponding analytical method are applied. The aim of this analysis is to determine the load distribution at the trochoidal pumps with fixed axes of shafts. The calculation of the contact stresses and the choice of construction solution with the minimum contact tooth loading can be done on the basis of the obtained results.-
dc.sourceMechanisms and Machine Science-
dc.titleModelling of trochoidal gearing at the gerotor pump-
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