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Title: The influences of chokeberry extract supplementation on redox status and body composition in handball players during competition phase
Authors: Cikiriz N.
Milosavljevic I.
Jakovljevic B.
Bolevich, Sergey Brankovich
Jeremic, Jovana
Turnic T.
Mitrovic M.
Srejovic I.
Bolevich, Sergey
Jakovljevic V.
Journal: Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2021
Abstract: © 2021, Canadian Science Publishing. All rights reserved. The aim of our study was to investigate the influence of 12 weeks of consumption of chokeberry extract on redox status, body composition, lipid profile, and biochemical parameters in active handball players. The study included 16 handball players aged 16–24 years (20.26 6 2.86 years). Every morning before training, players received 30 mL of liquid chokeberry extract for 12 weeks during the regular competition season. The research consisted of morphofunctional and biochemical testing, which was performed at three points (at the beginning of the study and at 6 and 12 weeks after extract consumption). After the chokeberry extract treatment, we observed significant changes in three main aspects. The 12 week supplementation with chokeberry extract decreased the levels of prooxidants (TBARS and nitrites) and increased catalase activity. Analyzing the dynamic of body composition showed a decrease in body fat (9.4 6 0.5 vs. 7.3 6 0.6 kg) as well as its percent in a body (11.4 6 0.4% vs. 8.8 6 0.4%). On the other hand, the analysis showed an increase of high-density lipoprotein (1.3 6 0.3 vs. 1.6 6 0.2 mmol/L) and hemoglobin (144.4 6 11.7 vs. 151.7 6 9.9 g/L) after 6 weeks of treatment. At the same time, a decrease in leukocytes (7.2 - 109 6 2.8 vs. 6.5 6 1.2 - 109/L) and an increase in red blood cells count (4.9 6 0.4 - 109 vs. 5.5 6 0.5 - 109/L) were observed. Overall, these results emphatically show that the use of chokeberry extract dietary supplement induced a wide range of beneficial effects in the examined group of athletes.
Type: Article
DOI: 10.1139/cjpp-2020-0095
ISSN: 00084212
SCOPUS: 85099808924
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