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Title: Contemporary distribution of high-grade prostate cancer in the circumstances of opportunistic testing
Authors: Stojadinovic M.
Pantic D.
Stojadinovic, Miroslav
Journal: Serbian Journal of Experimental and Clinical Research
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2020
Abstract: © 2020, University of Kragujevac, Faculty of Science. All rights reserved. Screening has dramatically changed the distribution of the mean age, stage and grade of prostate cancer (PCa) at diagnosis. However, regional-level data that characterize contemporary PCa patients are limited. The aim of the study was to ascertain main clinical and pathological characteristics of PCa at the present time in the circumstances of opportunistic testing. High-grade PCa according to age, serum prostate specific antigen (PSA), volume prostate, PSA density (PSAD), digital rectal examination (DRE) number of positive cores biopsies and the average percentage of cancer in biopsy at diagnosis has been retrospectively evaluated in 100 men with biopsy-proven PCa, at Clinical Centre Kragujevac, from September 2016 until September 2017. PCa were stratified according to Gleason score (GS) into low/intermediate-grade (GS ≤ 7) and high-grade (GS ≥ 8). To identify the determinants as-sociated with high-grade PCa, we performed univariate and multivariate logistic regression. The most prevalent PCa were the low/intermediate-grade (65%), followed by high-grade (35%). The mean age of the patients was 71.5 (range: 56–88) years and median PSA was 14.6 (range: 1.4–935) ng/ml. There were significant dif-ferences in age, PSA, PSAD, DRE, number of positive biopsy and average percentage of cancer in biopsy between patients with or without high-grade GS. Logistic analysis demon-strated the PSAD and age have strong prognostic value of high-grade PCa. In conclusion, our study has shown the worrying frequen-cy of high-grade PCa in the circumstances of opportunistic testing. Older men and higher level of PSAD had a much higher probability of high-grade PCa.
Type: Article
DOI: 10.2478/sjecr-2018-0030
ISSN: 18208665
SCOPUS: 85101964882
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