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Title: Uloga, mesto i značaj doma učenika srednjih škola u vaspitno-obrazovnom sistemu
Authors: Komnenović, Milan
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: This article focuses on the role and position of secondary boarding schools in the education system of the Republic of Serbia. This article begins with illustrating the dormitory and boarding school concepts within the legal framework. Namely, the aim is to explain the way in which a dormitory is defined within the law and rule books, as well as the concrete legal framework which regulates this part of education. Further, the article illustrates the dormitory and boarding school concepts using pedagogical dictionaries and encyclopaedias, as well as the articles of the authors from the region. All the roles that a dormitory has as an institution are presented; respectively, the contemporary functions such as the social, pedagogical, psychological and other functions are shown. Additionally, the article shows the hypothesized educational approach to work in dormitories, and it analyzes and presents the current rule book about the fundamentals of the education program in dormitories pertaining to the aim of elaborating the position and role of these educational institutions, as well as the importance of these establishments for students within the framework of the adequate education they receive outside their homes.
Type: article
DOI: 10.5937/ZRPFU2022067K
ISSN: 2560-550X
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