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Authors: Stamatović, Jelena
Stojanović, Irena
Journal: Zbornik radova Pedagoškog fakulteta
Issue Date: Dec-2019
Abstract: School plays a large role, but also has a big responsibility, when it comes to peer violence, through systematic action through prevention and intervention. The paper presents the results of a survey that examined the opinion of young students in primary school about preventive activities conducted with students, as well as the analyzes of elementary school prevention programs against violence. The sample consisted of 12 primary and secondary schools in the Zlatibor district and 342 third- and fourth-grade students. The results show that students are able to recognize the role of bullies and victims of violence and that they believe that bullies can change their behaviour in a positive way. The students stated that they would feel sad, helpless and humiliated in a situation of violence. In such situations, students would first turn to the teacher. Rules of conduct were adopted in the classes of the students surveyed. The students also report that sometimes issues of violence and conflict are discussed in departmental classes and that school-level activities such as workshops or lectures on violence are not implemented very often. Schools have programs for prevention of violence, but there is a lack of systematic, differentiated work and lack of planning for monitoring and evaluating the effects of the programs, which is an indicator of the quality of their implementation.
Type: Article
DOI: 10.46793/Zbradova21.045S
ISSN: 2560-550X
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