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Title: Presence of learner autonomy as an element of the TARGET model of motivation in elementary mathematics education
Authors: Maričić, Sanja
Zekić, Sanja
Journal: Zbornik radova Pedagoškog fakulteta
Issue Date: Dec-2018
Abstract: Authors draw attention to the TARGET model for stimulating student motivation and single out the category of learner/student autonomy in instruction as a major motivation tool. In view of this, they start from the fact that to motivate students, we must satisfy their need for autonomy, create conditions in which they can experience the feeling of personal initiative, actively participate in math classes and make decisions regarding their activities in the learning process, methods of assessment, instruction methods used in class, as well as methods of content and task realisation. Authors organised a survey on a sample of teachers and students the aim of which was to examine teachers' opinions about the importance of learner autonomy for stimulating their motivation, and students' opinions about the presence of personal autonomy in elementary mathematics education. Results show teachers recognise the importance of learner autonomy in mathematics education, but also that most students believe they are not given a chance to organise mathematics classes together with their teachers. In addition, most teachers claim student wishes and interests regarding mathematics classes should be respected, but most students are certain their wishes and interests are not acknowledged or acted on in elementary mathematics education.
Type: Article
ISSN: 2560-550X
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