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Title: Tendencies in future education development: Prsonalized and adaptive e-learning
Authors: Arsović, Branka
Journal: Zbornik radova Pedagoškog fakulteta
Issue Date: Dec-2018
Abstract: An approach founded on belief that one learning system suits each and every students results in a great many problems that can be summarized as a lack of personalization. Adaptive e-learning systems try to solve these problems by shifting the presentation of material to suit each individual student. The paper discuss need for a paradigm shift-from teacher-centric to a student-centric learning model-by leveraging technology. The use of ICT (information and communication technologies) powered adaptive and personalized learning holds great promise as a cost-effective and egalitarian means to help greater numbers of students accelerate their learning, graduate, and meet challenges in a competitive world.
Type: Article
ISSN: 2560-550X
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