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Title: Competencies for Creating an Integrated Approach in the Educational Process of Preschool Student Teachers
Authors: Milić, Ivana
Mladenović, Jelena
Spasić, Jelena
Issue Date: May-2019
Abstract: The preschool teacher is the main initiator of the dynamics and efficiency of the educational process. The children need to acquire more functional knowledge, which raises questions about the preschool teacher students’ competencIes. The paper emphasizes the necessity of raising awareness of preschool student teacherS about the importance of their role in enriching children’s experiences, and bringing scientific, musical and linguistic phenomena closer. This further implies modernization of university education by encouraging and raising students’ motivation to apply innovative approaches to work and the creation of specific competencies and skills. The competence of preschool student teachers in the realization of activities is not only reflected in building moral values and habits among children, but also in activating children’s potentials and encouraging creativity. The aim of the research was to examine the attitudes of preschool student teachers towards their competencies necessary for implementation of an integrated approach. The method of theoretical analysis and scaling techniques are used. The paper emphasizes the importance of extending specific professional competencies of preschool teacher students, as well as the importance of the continuous development of pedagogical knowledge for supporting holistic development of children, through monitoring, listening and supporting various children’s expression (sound and voice, dance, movement, narration, etc).
Type: Conference Paper
DOI: 10.46793/pctja.19.113M
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