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Title: Examining the Digital Competencies of Pre-service Teachers
Authors: Milutinović, Verica
Issue Date: May-2019
Abstract: This study aims to examine the variables that may influence pre-service teachers’ digital competencies at the Faculty of Education in Jagodina. If pre-service teachers are expected to integrate information and communication technology (ICT) into future teaching processes, they need to possess a high level of adequate competencies. In this study, digital competencies were identified as: (a) competencies to support pupils for ICT use in the class and (b) competencies to use ICT for instructional design. Four variables (support from teacher training institution (TTI), perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use and attitudes towards ICT use) were hypothesized to have direct and positive influences on digital competencies. This study also investigated whether support from TTI, perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness and digital competencies had any effect on the pre-service teachers’ intention to use technology in their future teaching practice. Moreover, the development of pre-service teachers’ digital competencies while studying at the Faculty (i.e differences between freshmen, juniors and master students) were examined. With data gathered from 131 participants, using a survey questionnaire, linear regression analysis revealed positive effects of the strategies, perceived usefulness, attitudes, and perceived ease of use on pre-service teachers’ digital competencies. Furthermore, the results revealed a positive impact of pre-service teachers’ perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use and digital competencies in their intention to use digital technology in future teaching. On the other hand, the strategies do not affect intention to use ICT. Various contributions to research and implications for teacher training are discussed.
Type: Conference Paper
DOI: 10.46793/pctja.19.373M
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