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Title: O plastičkom pričanju :(sa osvrtom na stil dnevničkih zabeleški Sretena Adžića)
Authors: Čutura, Ilijana
Đorđević, Marko
Journal: Uzdanica
Issue Date: Dec-2018
Abstract: The paper deals with linguistic and stylistic analysis of Sreten Adžić’s unpublished diary notes (1912–1915) on the topic of the park of the Teacher Training School in Jagodina, with special emphasis on Adžić’s explicit attitudes toward the value of, and rules for, picturesque narration (vivid language and storytelling) in teaching in primary school. Additionally, Adžić’s opinion of the importance of speech culture in teaching is perceived in the context of language teaching and learning conditions in the Teacher Training School in Jagodina (School libraries, membership in leading cultural and publishing institutions, students’ literary societies and possibilities for publishing their works etc.). It is clear that the three fields of Adžić’s work (professional, organizational and literary) are completely consistent. His diary notes (literary texts) are completely concordant with his rules for picturesque narration. One of the main characteristics of his style is the combination of personification, comparison and apostrophe (which he highlights as very important for vivid language). Moreover, this set of stylistic features clearly reflects his dedication to flora and to a deeply pantheistic philosophy. The second important element of picturesque narration in Adžić’s diary notes is the use of exclamations and onomatopeic words, which are, again, recommended in his theoretical paper to be used by teachers in the classroom
Type: Article
ISSN: 1451-673X
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