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Title: The international financial reporting standard for small and medium-sized entities in the Republic of Serbia
Authors: Obradović, Vladimir
Journal: Ekonomski horizonti
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: The paper is devoted to the review of the position of the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) for Small and Medium-sized Entities (SMEs) in the financial reporting regulation and practice in the Republic of Serbia. After considering the global importance of this standard, its position in the regulatory framework for financial reporting in the Republic of Serbia, in which it was included in 2013, is analyzed, while a deeper insight into the position of the standard in practice is achieved by the empirical research on a sample of 175 enterprises. Since it has the potential to facilitate financial reporting to many companies that had previously had to apply the full IFRSs, its adoption in the Republic of Serbia is useful, but the potential problem arises from the fact that it is not adopted at the European Union (EU) level. The research in the paper reveals that the enterprises in the Republic of Serbia that can choose between the IFRS for SMEs and the full IFRSs, however, are more likely to choose the full IFRSs. This finding should be considered in the context of the long-term application of the full IFRS before the implementation of the IFRS for SMEs. Subsidiary enterprises less often choose the IFRS for SMEs than the enterprises that do not have this characteristic.
Type: journal article
DOI: 10.5937/ekonhor1803229O
ISSN: 1450-863X
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