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Authors: Vujisić, Dragan
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: In the first part of the paper are analyzed different views of the rule of law: liberal- democratic, then positivistic view and, finally, defining of the rule of law as the rule of positive-law order of particular properities. In addition to these the three theoretic orientations, one more classification was pointed out - formal and materaialistic aspect of the rule of law. Besides, the principles and institutions of the rule of law were analyzed: legitimacy of power, division of power, independent judiciary, legitimacy expressed in terms of the ideas of constitution and lawfulness, constitutional guarantees of human and civil rights, existence of free economy and economic activities. The subject of the second part of this paper are services. Nowadays, services are the motor of economic growth and include, especially in developed countries of EU, more then 70% of EDP, employees, new economic subjects, and service activities also make up over 70% of all the activities. The service sector includes different, heterogenic services the number of which is getting higher and higher. The service activities are numerous and performed in various sectors such as trading, communications, financing, government administration, health department, social welfare, media, education, tourism, catering, sport and others. We are all witness to the constant growth of service sector in view of continuous broadening of the range of services and the influence upon the economic development of the state. Law regulations of the services in the Republic of Serbia were analized as well as its harmonization with the law regulations at the level of EU and the need for its further upgrading and improvement.
Type: Article
DOI: 10.46793/UVP21.003V
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