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Authors: Kijevčanin, Ružica
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: The aspiration of every modern state is to establish the rule of law, which incorporates the basic principles on which a free, open and prosperous society should lie. Some of these principles are civil democracy and secret and direct elections. The legal conduct of elections is the basic way to achieve peace and satisfaction among the population, because it puts the exercise of power and the regulation of issues of essential importance under their control. With the development of technology, trends, but also everyday life are changing, so, in addition to elections, the media are synonymous with freedom and citizenship rights. The media are a means of information that introduces citizens to information of various contents, and above all fundamental. Depending on the norm, level of development, protection mechanisms, the media conscientiously perform their function, or do not do it completely. What are the consequences when reporting on a specific phenomenon that is the basis of a healthy society in the first or second case is a central question that we will analyze in this paper. The importance of elections has been continuously confirmed throughout history, while the necessity of the media has been expanding for decades, in the intensity that elevates them to the top and equates them with the election process.
Type: article
DOI: 10.46793/UVP21.539K
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