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Authors: Radosavljević Krsmanović, Anica
Journal: Nasledje, Kragujevac
Issue Date: Jun-2021
Abstract: In line with globalization, the development of bicultural identities and the emergence of English as a world language, the notion of “World English identity” or “international posture” has emerged, defined as the concept of English language separated from its native communities and cultures. As a means of explaining how an individual tends to relate oneself to the global community rather than any particular geographical or cultural entity, international posture has been regarded as an alternative to the notion of integrativeness or an interest in learning a foreign language in order to identify with a specific language community. Previous research has demonstrated that the lack of identification with native speakers and their cultures is an important motivating factor for English language learners in various contexts. The aim of the study is to determine which factor is a more significant predictor of English language learning motivation, international posture or integrativeness, in Serbia, that is, in the context with limited contact with the target language community. For this purpose, we conducted a survey with non-English major university students. The method of data collection involved a questionnaire survey aimed at examining the students’ international posture, integrativeness and their English language learning motivation. The results indicated that both international posture and integrativeness are predictors of the participants’ motivation for English language learning, while the concept of international posture proved to be a more significant source of the learners’ motivation. The present findings provide important insights into the nature of L2 motivation of the participants, thus carrying some pedagogical implications.
Type: Article
DOI: 10.46793/NasKg2148.337RK
ISSN: 18201768
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