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Title: DNA-based molecular identification of Urnula mediterranea (Ascomycota, Pezizales) collected in Central Serbia
Authors: Arsenijević, Dejan
Blagojević, Stefan
Planojevic, Nevena
Nikezić, Aleksandra
Vidanović, Dejan
Milosavljević, Nenad
Marković, Snežana
Journal: Kragujevac Journal of Science
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: organisms. Genetic markers include target sequences of molecules DNA, RNA, and amino acids. The most often used genetic markers are DNA markers, localized on DNA molecules. The study aim was DNA-based molecular identification of species Urnula mediterranea (M. Carbone, Agnello & Baglivo) M. Carbone, Agnello & P. Alvarado (2013), by using molecular systematics methods. This species was recently discovered for the first time in Central Serbia and determined only based on morphological characteristics. For the first time, U. mediterranea sampled in Serbia, was identified with DNA molecular markers. Extraction of DNA molecules was performed from the fruiting body of U. mediterranea. ITS region and the part of the gene for 28S rRNA were amplified and sequenced by the Sanger method. Comparing the analyzed sequences with the sequences from the database, a match of 99.72% was found for the ITS region and 100% for the part of the gene for 28S rRNA. By molecular identification, it has been established that the sample belongs to the species U. mediterranea. Both analyzed DNA sequences of U. mediterranea were deposited into the NCBI database.
Type: Article
DOI: 10.5937/KgJSci2143053A
ISSN: 1450-9636
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