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Title: A hybrid multi-output approach to optimisation of pvc pipe quality characteristics
Authors: Krstić A.
Nikolić, Djordje
Papić, Miloš
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: A hybrid multi-output approach which combined the Taguchi method and fuzzy logic was used in this research in order to optimise the mechanical and physical properties of PVC pipes. Eight techological parameters which mostly define the extrusion process were taken into consideration in order to obtain the best possible results for six measurable quality characteristics of PVC pipes. Eighteen experiments with the same number of different parameter value sets were conducted resulting in eighteen various PVC pipe samples. The sample from the second experiment showed the highest value of comprehensive output measure (COM = 0.615), while the lowest COM value (0.359) was noted with the sample no. 13. The results of ANOVA revealed that traction speed is the most significant parameter affecting multiple characteristics with contribution of 28.86%. The optimum combination of factors and their levels is A1, B3, C3, D2, E2, F3, G3, H2 – the sample produced at traction speed of 8.8 m/min, nozzle temperature of 211℃, expander doser speed of 23.2 rpm, extruder screw speed of 17.5 rpm, coextruder screw speed of 40.6 rpm, barrel temperature of 178 ℃, extruder mixture doser speed of 28.1 rpm and the coextruder mixture doser speed of 36.4 rpm.
Type: article
DOI: 10.23967/J.RIMNI.2021.09.001
ISSN: 0213-1315
SCOPUS: 2-s2.0-85116170605
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