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Authors: Urdarević, Bojan
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: The new economic framework requires the existence of new forms of work. Their adaptability to changes that occur in the labour market is highlighted as the main reason for their appearance, and the same ones allow the employer to respond quickly and adequately to these changes. Since new, different market rules are present in the digital economy, existing forms of work outside of employment are considered less adequate for employers to respond to the new socio-economic framework. The characteristic of new forms of work, including mobile work, is that they are usually not sufficiently legally regulated, which means that there is no protection present for persons who exercise the right to work through these forms of work. Also, new forms of work and service provisions are a mixture of different legal affairs, whereby the employee or service provider is not included in the organizational structure of the employer. For example, mobil work based on information and communication technologies, or ICT-based mobile work involves regularly performing work tasks or providing services outside the employer's headquarters or outside the worker's home, supported by information and communication technologies and with the establishment of online connections to an employer's computer system, or using virtual collaboration instruments, such as emails, web dating software programs, etc. Although positive aspects of mobile work are often discussed, there are also negative consequences of the flexibility that mobile work in its nature contains, reflected primarily in intensifying work tasks and gradually eliminating the boundaries between family and work obligations.
Type: article
DOI: 10.46793/XXIv-12.125U
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