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Title: Haemodynamics of femoropopliteal bypass surgery using finite element analysis method
Authors: Sekulić, Dragan
Tomić, Aleksandar
Milašinović, Danko
Nikolic, Dalibor
Paunović, Dragana
Miladinović, Uroš
Sekulić, Igor
Savić-Sekulić, Maja
Milev, Boško
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: Objective. Femoropopliteal bypass is indicated in the advanced stage of peripheral arterial occlusive disease. The indications for surgical treatment are determined on the basis of a clinical exam, "ankle-brachial index" and angiographic findings. Using the finite element analysis method, three-dimensional models can be made based on angiography, and these models can be used to measure different physical quantities and calculate the value of the "ankle-brachial index". The aim of this paper is to show the hemodynamics of arteries by using the finite element analysis method based on preoperative and postoperative angiography, as well as physical quantities that can be measured in this way. Methods. This case shows the hemodynamics of femoropopliteal bypass in the preoperative and postoperative models. The models obtained by finite element analysis show: pressure, shear stress, velocities, and streamlines. The pressure, i.e. the "ankle-brachial index", was compared with the values measured on the patient, while the other three values were compared preoperatively and postoperatively. Results. Postoperatively, higher values of pressure and "ankle-brachial index" were measured on the patient and on the models. Wall shear stress and velocity values were reduced in postoperative models. The streamlines showed a dominant anterior tibial artery. Conclusion. The values of physical quantities measured on patient and on the models obtained by the finite element analysis method correlate significantly. Some physical quantities could indicate the "weak points" of a particular model.
Type: article
DOI: 10.5937/mckg55-31632
ISSN: 0350-1221
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