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Title: Gastronomic manifestations as a factor of improvement of Serbia's tourism offer
Authors: Stanišić, Tanja
Kostić, Marija
Mišeljić, Milena
Journal: Ekonomika poljoprivrede
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: Under the influence of globalization and mass settlement of cities and urban areas, nostalgia for traditional and rural is increasingly felt. All this supports the development of manifestation and gastronomic tourism and the promotion of autochthonous products and traditions. Serbia is a country where a large number of national minorities lives, each of which has an impact on the gastronomy of the some area. The combination of all the cuisines and the diversity of tradition made Serbian dishes unique. There are a large number of events in the tourism offer of Serbia, which themes are gastronomic products. Manifestations, as a kind of promotion of a particular area, are becoming more and more popular. The paper analyses gastronomic manifestations as an important segment of Serbia's tourism offer. The methods applied in the paper are the method of correlation and comparative analysis. The results of the research indicate a positive interdependence between the number of manifestations and tourist traffic during the year, while the existence of an interdependence between the number of manifestations and tourist traffic in the regions was not recorded.
Type: journal article
DOI: 10.5937/ekoPolj1801111S
ISSN: 0352-3462
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