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Title: Stavovi studenata pedagoških i učiteljskih fakulteta Zapadnog Balkana o korišćenju elektronske knjige u izmenjenom društvenom kontekstu
Authors: Kostić, Ljiljana
Puric, Daliborka S
Journal: Nauka, nastava, učenje u izmenjenom društvenom kontekstu
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: The authors examine attitudes of students of teacher-training faculties and faculties of education (N = 394) from four countries of the Western Balkans on (a) advantages and (b) limitations of using e-books and (c) on the perspective of using different forms of books in changed social context. Results of the research show that students value practical aspect of using an e-book the most, including among its most significant advantages the availability and the possiblity to store a large number of books on one device, while the most important limitations are lack of smell and sound when turning pages as well as reader fatigue. Future teachers and nursery teachers agree that printed book will always have its place among readers, regardless of the progress of modern technology, and that after the pandemic, most people will return to printed book. On the other hand, their views are not harmonized when assessing the complete dominance of e-book over the printed one, sometime in the future. Although today’s students grew up in a digital information environment, their attitudes regarding the use of e-books imply that they can critically assess place and role of different forms of books in the process of creating a productive learning environment.
Type: conferenceObject
DOI: 10.46793/NNU21.073K
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