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Title: Pohađanje privatnih časova tokom onlajn nastave prouzrokovane pandemijom kovid-19
Authors: Komnenović, Milan
Milanović, Nedeljko
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: The global changes caused by the SARS-CoV-2 (Covid 19), have drastically brought about changes in people's daily lives, especially in countries where the virus has spread in large numbers among the population. Since our country also found itself in a difficult situation, a large number of professions focused their daily activities on working from home, ie working at a distance, including education. In this article, we will examine the attitudes of primary school students about attending private lessons during online classes. We will examine the attitudes of students about the way the subject teachers from the school work and their up-to-dateness during online classes. We will try to find out if, and in what number, students sought help through private lessons. We will examine which students (which grade) attended the most private lessons and from which subjects. Accordingly, we will try to determine whether there is a statistically significant difference between students regarding the attendance of private lessons, taking into account the school class and the subject from which they attended private lessons. We will apply the descriptive-analytical method, the survey technique, and as an instrument we will use a questionnaire construct for the needs of research. Our intention is for the students of the fifth to the eighth gradefrom the Pomoravlje district to participate in the research, ie students from primary schools from the territory of the city of Jagodina and the municipality of Svilajnac. The research will be conducted in May 2021 by filling out an online questionnaire.
Type: conferenceObject
DOI: 10.46793/NNU21.295K
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