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Authors: Komnenović, Milan
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: In this article (thesis) we dealt with the problem of defining pedagogical discipline which explores education in institutionalized accommodations. Dormitory pedagogy is most often recognized in our region as a part of pedagogical science which primarily explores the aspect of education within boarding schools for pupils and high school students, while the analysis of works on home pedagogy shows that the subject of home pedagogy is defined much more broadly. In the article there are three causally-consequential problems that make up the primary obstacle in defining dormitory pedagogy as a scientific discipline according to authors. The aim of this article is determining the theoretical concept of dormitory pedagogy, i.e. the analysis of the theoretical foundations on which the views of domestic authors on the subject of home pedagogy are based. In addition, in the article the problems with which dormitory pedagogy as a pedagogical discipline is confronted with within its definition, as well as the fundamental problems in defining the profession of educators within boarding schools will be presented. In the final parts of the paper, one of the elements of the possible solutions for the subject of research of dormitory pedagogy will be illustrated. As the majority of authors defines dormitory pedagogy as a discipline that deals with exploring education within institutionalized accommodations, in this paper we will discuss the segment of dormitory pedagogy that questions the problematic of high school education, respectively boarding school students.
Type: conferenceObject
DOI: 10.46793/STEC20.217K
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