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Authors: Miladinović, Zoran
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: Motor vehicles no longer represent luxury goods, they are the means of satisfying vital human needs. However, as it often happens in life with many other objects, the use of motor vehicles also has its positive and negative effects. Due to the enormous power embodied in these machines, motor vehicles represent one of major risks for human lives. Not only the passengers are exposed to these hazards, by also the third parties, that is the persons outside the motor vehicles. Given this large discrepancy between the benefits of motor vehicles and the damages they cause, there have been many attempts in various fields aimed at mitigating the adverse effects of their use which cannot be completely eliminated. Thus in the field of law, there are a number of measures undertaken with the aim to prevent traffic accidents and reduce their negative effects. Taking into account that damages caused by motor vehicles mostly fall in domain of property law, a whole series of rules and provisions have been passed in order to regulate the issues such as in what cases and to what extent a motor vehicle insurance can cover damage claims in case of accidents involving motor vehicles. The compulsory motor vehicle insurance covering the liability of the vehicles owners in the event of incurring damages to third parties has become a very efficient method of reducing negative consequences of using motor vehicles. Establishing the legal relationship in domain of compulsory car insurance and its legal effect is regulated by imperative legal norms which protect the interests of persons participating in this legal relationship, but also the interests of wider social audience. In this paper the author analyzes the legal relationships established as a result of compulsory insurance imposed on the motor vehicle owners in the event of damages incurred by motor vehicles, the legal position of the insured and the insurer who, by receiving the insurance premium payments assume the responsibility to provide coverage for claims being made against the policy by all damage parties, including the damages incurred to third parties.
Type: bookPart
DOI: 10.46793/XXIv-11.059M
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