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Title: Razvitak ustanove notarijata nakon Francuske buržoaske revolucije
Authors: Marinković, Milica
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: The author in the paper presents a legal history development of the modern French institution of the notary after the French bourgeois revolution. Even though notaries existed before the Revolution, it was only after the famous Law of 25 ventôse year VIII (16 March 1803) that they started increasingly developing and gain significance first in France and then throughout the European continent. Latin type of notary, so widely accepted in a large number of countries that inherit continental legal tradition, developed on the French notary tradition. By analyzing the legal sources as well as contemporary and modern literature, the author presents the main problems the notaries faced in their evolution during the XIX and XX centuries, as well as the importance of notaries for the everyday life of the French.
Type: bookPart
DOI: 10.46793/XXIv-11.253M
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