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Title: Pružanje usluga od strane organizacija na bazi učlanjenja
Authors: Bataveljić, Dragan
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: In this paper the author analyzes in short a wide scope of organizations based on membership, their types, criteria for their classification, and particularly, the services they offer to the people who are in demand of them. The role of, so called, membership organizations is today of great significance, but their exact (or approximate) number cannot be determined – it has not been sufficiently researched, which can also be said for their work, membership, structure and services they offer. Therefore, in this paper the author attempts to analyze their work by selecting a few of the most exemplary types of such organizations, defines them and presents current constitutional and legal provisions that regulate this matter in the Republic of Serbia. Along this process, the author compares these laws with corresponding EU documents and regulations pointing to some deficiencies in both national and EU legislations. Finally, the author expresses his belief that numerous problems which these organizations encounter in offering the services to a vast number of beneficiaries can be overcome if this matter were treated and regulated in a different way. This also includes better theoretical approach to this matter, such as, for ex. by introducing certain academic disciplines at universities (in social sciences and humanities), continuous education, pointing to the significant role of these organizations (particularly for the most vulnerable class of people who receive their services).
Type: bookPart
DOI: 10.46793/XXIv-11.385B
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