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Title: Pružanje usluga na daljinu i od kuće za vreme vanrednog stanja
Authors: Urdarević, Bojan
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: During the last decade there have been many phenomena related to the condition of employee. Without a doubt, the most intense impact on the determination of labour status has come by the so called telework or homework as a special form of flexible employment model. Even though Labour Law of Serbia regulates this kind of work in Art. 42, it does not define specific jobs which can be undertaken. Most frequently those jobs are related to the IT sector like server maintenance, administration of social networks, as well as, translation services, accountant services, etc. From the employer point of view, this model of employment has many benefits, usually related to cutbacks. On the other hand side, this kind of employment led to further flexibilization of working and employment conditions which weakened protective status of an employee. Since the Republic of Serbia recently introduced state of emergency there is a significant need to search for an alternative ways of work organization, not only in private, but also in public sector.
Type: bookPart
DOI: 10.46793/UPK20.107U
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