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Authors: Bataveljić, Dragan
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: The author of this paper first points to the basic goals of establishing labor unions as the organizations representing the interests of the of the employed underlining the role they have in providing services to their members. Bearing in mind the restricted scope of this paper, the author presents the classification of the unions, but at the same time conducts a comparative analysis of workers’ organization into labor unions through history and the contribution of unions’ work in upgrading the living standard of workers. In this research, special emphasis was put on the position of labor unions through history, both at the national and global level that has been changing depending on external factors, such as economic crisis, reduction of expenses, contemporary globalization processes, return to neoliberalism, etc. In some countries the form and degree of union actions have not changed much though history, while in others, the changes have been dramatic which is also reflected on the number and scope of services provided by them. One section of the paper is dedicated to political role and engagement of labor unions, particularly to their participation in the social dialogue with the authorities representing workers’ interests with pronounced political character. Today labor unions represent important actors on labor market, the role which has led to their revival and reaffirmation. After a short period of crisis, the workers nowadays intensify their organization into unions which, then, further unite to represent specific branches of professions, including the labor union of the industry of services aimed, among other things, at upgrading the quality of service provision.
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DOI: 10.46793/XXIv-10.137B
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