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Authors: Đorđevic, Milena
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: Functionality of higher education institutions in the conditions of modern society sets out requirements for reflection on the quality of management processes, which take place within their framework. The interest in establishing an analogous application of the basic principles of corporate governance to higher education institutions has been initiated in the paper. Considering the significant contribution that corporate governance has made, successfully responding to crises in which particularly large holding systems have been in business, it is reasonable to accept the thesis about the possibility of extending the understanding of corporate governance to the management processes, structures and forms of higher education institutions. This is all the more so, given that understanding of knowledge as a particular commodity is eligible to appear on the market. Modern higher education checks its own quality in the conditions of the market of knowledge, capital and labor, which is why it is necessary to search for principles that will ensure higher quality competitiveness of higher education institutions. The research conducted is the beginning of work to justify the application of corporate governance principles in this area.
Type: bookPart
DOI: 10.46793/XXIv-10.367DJ
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